Musical no more!! How could this be?

I was sitting doing some thinking yesterday and came to a harsh realization about my life. It is no longer a musical! I know, you’re thinking…what? is she insane? what is she talking about? Well, let me explain…
For as long as I can remember, I have thought of my life as a musical. A song always needs to be sung. I literally burst out into random song…if it goes through my mind, it is usally verbalized! I can remember my college roommate and I (love you Holly) wandering around campus singing whatever fit the moment. Some of the precious MSMS students around referred to us as “those singing girls”. Lovely. It was that way my whole life. I always had a singing partner. Someone who understood the need for life to be a musical.
I realized yesterday, I don’t have that anymore. (Could explain the depression like days) My hubbys is a musician, but he doesn’t burst into song, he just hums the background score. (Instrumentalists think differently) My best friend isn’t a singer…or at least that she has ever showed me. I don’t sing at random anymore because there is no one to join in. My life isn’t the central park scene from “Enchanted” anymore. What happened to all the people who know the song and will join in. When I catch myself starting to sing, I usually stop because (one) my son usually tells me to stop being silly and (two) I know no one will join in and just look at me like I’m crazy!
I don’t want the curtain to close on my musical life! Lord send me the rest of the musical cast…re-unite the old cast…whatever necessary. I want my children to appreciate a “musical” life! Let the whole world “SING ALONG”!

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