This is not what I wanted my life to be like

When I was a child, I made a mental list of all the things I wanted to accomplish as an adult. The way my life would be when I was older.

I am the 2nd of 4 children. Our family wasn’t a hard place to grow up, it was just different (in my eyes anyway). We didn’t have much. I know my parents did what they could, but it wasn’t until I was an older teen, I think, that my parents achieved middle class status. You know those families you collect gifts and food for at Christmas time…well, I guess I should tell you thank you for the gifts.

As a child, I remember saying things like this:
-when I grow up, I’m gonna go to college so I can get a good job
-when I grow up, I’m gonna live in a house for more than a year
-when I grow up, I’m never gonna “not have enough money right now”
-when I grow up, I’m gonna get my kids things I can’t have
-when I grow up, my daughter will have a real dollhouse, not a cardboard box
-when I grow up, my kids will get nice clothes, not always hand-me-downs
-when I grow up, I’m gonna marry someone with a really good job
-when I grow up, I’m gonna have a good car that isn’t always broken
….and I am sure there were a lot more, but that seems a sufficient list for now.

I am so not living the life I wanted! And I am HAPPY about it!! I wouldn’t trade my life for anything! My children have 2 parents who love them very much, and that love each other so much it has made others sick (nod to holly…lol). I’ve had a good job, and I loved it, don’t get me wrong, but I love my new job even more! Getting to spend the day with my children, watching them learn and grow, AMAZING! I’ve been to the point where my husband and I made good money, but we had so much debt that we didn’t get to enjoy it at all. I’ve learned, just because you have a good job doesn’t mean you’ll be happy. If you aren’t where God wants you to be, doing what He wants you to be doing, you’ll pretty much dread the job you go to everyday.
Right now, we are lacking the funds needed to meet our monthly budget…which can be stressful at times…but we are happy. We know being at New Orleans Baptist Seminary is exactly where God wants us! He put us here, and has supplied all of our needs thus far! I know that pursuing His calling on my life, may seem crazy to many, but I won’t run from it anymore! We may not be able to give our children everything they want (ourselves too for that matter) but we all have what we need!

So true, this is not what I wanted my life to be like…it’s better!!! It’s what God wanted my life to be like! I’m so much happier now than I’ve ever been. Keven and I may live off coffee until we adjust to our new life, but together we are seeking God’s will for our family. His vision for us all. Serving HIM is all that matters. When we do that, God will take care of us. Matthew 6:33 says, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

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