Someone Else

Am I the only one who ever wonders, or do you also, if I’ll ever be the Christian I truly long to be?

Really, in my heart, I LONG to live a life that mirrors Christ.

I see hurting people, and my heart breaks with them. I know I can do nothing but pray for them. I see people in need, but normally can’t help them. Is prayer enough?

I love people, deep in my heart, even when their exterior may frighten me. Is it wrong to think those fearful thoughts?

Do I give up too quickly when people won’t listen to the Gospel? Probably. Why do I get so frustrated?

Would someone walking past me on the street know Who rules my heart? Not likely. I do try to smile and say a kind word, but is that enough?

I SO want Christ’s love to just pour out of every part of me! I want it to just spill forth onto others. I want everyone to feel this love that I feel.

But, I’m not good enough. I never will be. I still sin every single day. Somedays I wonder why, but the answer is so simple. I’m human. I’m not Christ. He is and was the only perfect, completely perfect, person to ever walk on this sin-filled planet.

No matter how hard I try, I will always give in to sin at some point.

So, as long as I have faith and do all that I can, even if it many times is only prayer (of course prayer is a very powerful tool), I’m succeeding.

My prayers may bring comfort to the hurting through someone else. A simple smile and a prayer for someone who may frighten me, could bring them into a less frightening mood and in the company of some who will speak the Gospel to them. Speaking what I can of the Gospel before someone cuts me off or changes the subject, still plants a small seed that will grow in time, maybe to be harvested by someone else. Smiling at people I pass throughout the day may encourage another believer and send him or her in the path of someone else.

And, eventually, I could be the “someone else” in the story of another believer like me.

Just a thought.

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