2009 in Review

I guess, in my yearly review, 2009 will be known as the year of God’s Provision.

So much has happened this year…
Jan 2009:
*Keven applied to NOBTS and was admitted in the MA in Theology program
–My stress levels rose as I began the number crunching and planning for a move. It didn’t work financially, and I couldn’t let go of that.

Feb 2009:
*Another birthday for Keven and I…I think however, I will officially quit counting now…31…that’s insane. I don’t feel that old.

Mar 2009:
*I begin the application process for NOBTS for a MM in Church Music
–After years of struggling with a stereotype that I’ll never be able to lead worship in a church (b/c I’m a woman) I give up and let God.
–More $$ crunching, more stress and tears, the money still doesn’t add up. As a mom, I was worried about not being able to provide for my babies. They were the most important thing in my mind…boy did I have a lesson to learn.

Apr 2009:
*Visit NOBTS, again, and finish my application process.
–Many more tears over $$ (why are we so attached to physical things and concerned with money?)

May 2009:
*Get my acceptance letter.
*Keven starts the process of job transfers.
*We get our housing assignment!!
*I start the Church Ministry Relations app process
–Can you guess what my stress was? I was learning much through my tears and stress. God was slowly revealing his plan to me.

June 2009:
*I post my app on CMR website for a worship leader position.
*I get a response on the same day from Lakeside Baptist in Metairie
*We begin packing and set our move date for July 17
–More tears, more fears, lots of change coming. Will the children adjust? Will we? Is New Orleans as scary as my family says it is? Are we crazy?

July 2009:
*Lots of love and support from our church family at Good Hope! (Miss you guys!!)
*Realize that God WILL provide! (If only that would stick and stay)
*Say goodbyes at Good Hope.
*Move to New Orleans
*Immediately find friends…wonderful people who help us move up 2 flights of stairs
*Start the church hunt
–We totally rely on God this month. Keven realizes that the job he transferred to will not work out for long with church and school, so he is also looking for a new job.

Aug 2009:
*Keven starts school and finds a new job
*I interview at Lakeside church in Metairie
*Start homeschooling with Aron
*Find a temporary church home in Metairie Baptist
–What a wonderful first month! God did not let us need anything!!! He provided food, friends, a church family…everything. Jehovah Jireh, He truly is!!

Sept 2009:
*Called to be Minister of Music at Lakeside Baptist!
*Keven’s new job is not any better than the previous.
*Stress levels rise as school is in full swing
–God continues to provide more than we deserve! How blessed we truly are!!

Oct 2009:
*So many things changing. I find it difficult to keep Aron’s school on track.
*Keven begins a new job with Campus Police. He LOVES it!
–It is easy to slide into old habits. God is faithful to call you on it!

Nov 2009:
–Not a lot went on with in our family. Still relying fully on God for everyday!
Outside our family
*Baby Lily is welcomed on 23rd. We visit over Thanksgiving break!

Dec 2009:
*First semester completed!!
–God is so good!

That’s the very condensed version. I wish I had time to tell in detail of God’s blessings!

My prayer for the new year is that I won’t doubt. I won’t fear. I won’t worry. God holds me in His fully capable hands. As long as I don’t jump out, I will remain there. Father, help me not get frightened and jump into my own will. I seek only Your’s! I desire only Your’s!


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One thought on “2009 in Review

  1. i *heart* metairie baptist church! we were members there from '91 till '98.(i think thats the right years)i'm glad you were able to be a part of it till your church job began.

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