Dreams and Visions and God’s Blessings

Ok, those of you who happened to follow me on myspace (when I actually checked my myspace) have heard this story. Ladies at church, I also shared it with you, but I’m going to elaborate a bit more here.

Time: November 2006
Things were not great in my house and life at this point. Keven and I were going through relationship issues, he had just lost his job, I was 3 months pregnant, and was absolutely torn over continuing to teach or be a stay-at-home mom after the baby. I remember digging deep into scripture, seeking some peace, praying for a break, and a “neon road sign” from God to tell me what to do. Let’s just say, be careful what you pray for…for God will answer. November 20, 2006, God gave me a dream…

It started out a normal DeAnna dream night. I was having some crazy dream about being in the cafeteria at school with my choir. Except this day was even more crazy than normal. (If you can dream it, it probably happened during this lunch period.)

I had a small time of being awake..to roll over and get comfy again…then the dream took an interesting turn. We were leaving the cafeteria. As we were walking out the door, I noticed the sky was very dark for noon. Somewhat like a storm was approaching. I then saw a bright flash like lightening, students began to scatter. As I was pulling my students back in the door, I heard and felt in my legs a loud booming sound (not like thunder, more like a sonic boom). I couldn’t move and everything else disappeared into the background. The Light in the sky remained like a star and from it flew a dove, which also shone with light like lightening. As it flew down toward me, I felt the urge to sing, so I did! But not words, more like wordless praises! It was a great peaceful feeling. As the dove approached me, and turned to face me I saw an eye like a brilliant white and yellow flame, but only for a split second. I immediately received an image. A circle separated into five equal sections. They were labled as follows:

Be a Student; Work Hard; Teach; Be Patient; and Endure

Then I woke up.

Ok…fast forward to July 2009, almost 3 years later. Can I share with you how wonderful our Glorious God is??? Over the past 2 and a half years how these have come to fruition. To finish out that school year took a lot of patience, but I held to the vision God had given me and taught. (TEACH) I worked very hard not to give up. It was the longest school year ever for me because I was so torn over what to do after Sarah was born. But I endured, and God was faithful. He did make it clear that he wanted me to be with my children, because many changes were in store.

After Sarah was born in May 2007, just 3 weeks later, just weeks after my resignation had been turned in, Keven lost another job. Now, there was no income. We were preparing to sale our home, a brand new baby, and poof, things were turned upside down again. Endure….be patient….work hard….be a student of MY word….again visions to cling to. Well, God provided Keven a job. Our marriage was better than ever before. Keven’s parents allowed us to stay with them until things picked up.

At this point, for really the first time in our lives, we had to really begin to fully rely on God for everything. How humbling!!! To realize how unimportant THINGS are!!! So what if my children aren’t the best dressed. (And believe me, with a little girl, this took a while to understand!) It is ok to ask for help! But hold to, GOD WILL PROVIDE!!!!! Matthew 6:28-34 tells us that God provides food for the birds and clothes the lilies of the field, and that He loves us MUCH MORE than that!!! If we TRULY and HONESTLY seek HIS KINGDOM, HIS WILL, HIS PLAN FOR OUR LIVES, first, then HE WILL PROVIDE ALL the rest!!!!!

I know I’m not there yet. He is just beginning the real work in my life! I’m not running from His plan for me anymore! If I can encourage you in any way…listen to this. Pray about everything!!! God really does care about every part of your life. If you know God is calling you to do something…even if it seems crazy…if it is God’s call on your life. Don’t waste your life running from it!!!! SEEK FIRST HIS KINGDOM AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS! Be like a child and run to your Father’s arms and let Him lead you!!! Just like we hold our children’s hands and keep them safe as we walk daily…put your hand in His and trust that He will keep you safe!

Ok, I’ll quit rambling now. I just wanted to share how Faithful our Father is!!!


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