Most people would say 13 is an unlucky number. Not for me, not this year. It doesn’t seem like it could really have been 13 years ago, but it was…

I remember well. I was so reluctant to return to MUW after Christmas break. I was overwhelmed and frustrated in my freshman year. My first semester was filled with much stress. More frustrating to a small town girl was the fact that my hopes held high that college would be different than high school. More importantly, boys would be different…whatever! Over Christmas break, I decided to give up on boys altogether. If God had someone for me, He would be in complete control of when we met. I was going to quit looking. After much work, my best friend, Holly, convinced me to give one more semester at the W a try. Jan 6, day one back, was very uneventful and boring (since everything was still closed). Day two, Jan 7, began much like the first. Movies and Wal-Mart trips during the day, but the computer lab was open, so that evening, that’s where we went.

Holly had been spending some time in the computer lab before. I never really had. She convinced me it would be fun. She’d found a chatroom on Rebecca St.James’ website. So, reluctantly, I logged on. As was usually the case, I ended up chatting more with Holly, who was sitting beside me, than her new found friends in RSJchat. I was ready to go, boredom had set in, when new people entered the room. There names were KEVEN! and JASON! New people, maybe I would have some luck talking to them. It was quite easy, and we talked for a while. A bit later, we discovered we were at Universities just 30 minutes away from each other…they were at MSU!
We all talked for the rest of the evening, and everyday for the rest of the week…

…to be continued on 1-13


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