Homeschooling Trials

Ok, so maybe our holiday break was a little long. Getting back into a school routine is difficult. Today is our first day back into Aron’s school semester. So far, it’s NOT going well. We started with a couple of writing worksheets. 45 minutes later, he’s still writing.

So, I’ve started a timer…maybe it will speed him up. He said he doesn’t remember how to write it…but once I started the timer, he seems to remember how. So, he’s moved on to the “my finger hurts”…what’s a mom to do. I have no problem standing my ground, but I want school to be fun for him. Days like today, make it no fun for the both of us, but he MUST do his work.

I wish we could send him to a good school with other kids, now while he’s so young. I LOVE the the homeschool group here at NOBTS. He does get to interact with other kids. But I feel, he would fare better with a real elementary teacher…someone who is creative, and knows how to adjust curriculum for stubborn children like mine.

Teaching reading and writing…in a fun way…is foreign to me. Oh, if it were as easy as teaching a song (not that that would help him, as he also refuses to sing with me.) Ah well.

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