13 continued…

Thirteen years ago today, I met, face-to-face, my very best friend and completion of my heart!

It was very last minute, very spontaneous (Holly, the mention of the word makes me miss you being close by). It had been almost a week since that life-changing night in RSJchat. I’d called Keven earlier that day. We had plans for my roommate, Rachel, and me to attend the BSU kick-off event on the 14th. My only intentions for the call were to finalize said plans. After talking till the minutes on my phone card were almost gone, my friend Holly and I decided we had nothing to do, so why not go tonight! (Ah, the life of college students!) So we donned our best Social Club sweatshirts, jumped in my car, and headed for the big city of Starkville.

I remember the night well. We walked in the door, he was wearing a striped, button-down shirt. I noticed his roommate had glasses (sorry Jason) but that was about it. I remember being so afraid to look at him for fear he’d be looking at Holly. So that is how I spent the evening…afraid to look at him for longer than a stolen glance. We sat in their room for a long time talking and drinking hot chocolate. It was wonderful (and nerve racking). I was so sure, he’d be more interested in my friend.

Time for good-byes came. We finalized our plans for the next evening. And Holly and I left for the W. She told me on the way home, that he barely took his eyes off me….

The other special 13’s we will celebrate this year, I’ll not share with you. (for fear you may gag) 😉

Have a blessed day!

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