Getting Fit – 1

Okay, here it goes. I refuse to be tired all the time anymore. I refuse to be satisfied with my healthy weight range and BMI, but simply live with being a clothing size that I’m not happy with.

I’m going to document my my progress (if only for me). I’d pray that you as a reader would hold me accountable. I PROMISE not to blog everyday, maybe a weekly overview.

So to start, here are my goals:
1. To simply get active. Thanks to Dr. Jackson, I now own a pedometer. I’ll will shoot for at least 10,000 steps a day. Or log a serious cardio type activity.

2. Track my weight and eating. I’m sorry, I can’t give up my chocolate, but I’m not going to snack snack snack all day anymore. Fruit is a great alternative (…she tells herself.)

3. Redistribute body fat. After 2 kids, my tummy and thighs have retained all the weight. I’d prefer that weight to become muscle mass in my arms and legs. This leads to my overall goal.

4. Drop from size 12 jeans to my preferred size 8. I don’t care to be smaller than that…it actually doesn’t look good on me.

I’ll try to add progress pictures eventually…got to work my self-esteem up to that.

God Bless!


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