Back to School

So, yesterday I officially started work on my MMCM degree (Master of Music in Church Music). Being a full-time wife & mommy, full-time homeschooing parent, & part-time minister of music, I only get to take one class a semester. This semester, I really have 2. One that every student is required to take upon enrolling, and Exploring the New Testament.

I purchased my 3 textbooks for New Testament and began my reading last night. Oh, how I had forgotten what reading a college textbook was like. I love the subject matter, but can we say “cure for insomnia” on the writing end. I mean really, is there a way to make reading about history more interesting. I LOVE history! I LOVE the stories! But to read it as written in these texts…zzzzzzzz.

Pray for me as I dive into these books. I want to learn as much as possible. I want to retain the knowledge passed on to me. Mostly I want to manage my time well…that area needs lots of prayer.

God Bless!

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