Strange Dreams

So, I had a horrible dream during my brief nap today. I’ve been unable to remove it from my mind for the entire afternoon. Here’s the jist:

I’m not sure where we were…could have been here, but things were VERY different. We were sneaking around. There were soldiers (not ours mind you) walking around, armed, watching for us. Why? In my dream, I knew we were in danger of being caught, but I had to get my family together. We had to get out of where we were and get together with the “others.” Although it was never said aloud in my dream…not much was said at all actually…I knew why we were hiding. We were Christians, and they were out to destroy us!

Deep in my heart, I know the time is near. Today, we must PRAY and PRAY earnestly for our nation! If we don’t, the time is coming when we will have to run and hide! Pray for our leaders. Pray that God intervenes in their lives! Pray for His guidance and their salvation!


God Bless!

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