Titles and Badges

Mom, Mommy, Momma, Sweetheart, Dear, Love…

These are only a few of the names I answer to on a daily basis. And it’s such a blessing. I never know in what circumstance a particular title will be used, but I respond to every one.

Tears, drool, snot, food, blood, sick…

These are just some of the badges I’ve worn and wear. They are added to every day, be it blood drops from a skinned knee or residue from loving cuddles and hugs of a sick child. I wear them proudly for all to see. I love them and wouldn’t trade them for all the silver and gold badges ever made.

Too often, I’ve taken for granted the sweetest moments with my family. Passed up the opportunity to cradle the recipient of a stubbed toe, because “it isn’t that bad.” Not taken a few minutes to put the finishing touches on the hair of an already perfect princess, because I was really involved in whatever brainless show was on the television. Even, pushed away hugs from the love of my life because, I had to finish dinner and one minute away would “ruin” it.

Then, I find myself longing for more time with them. When I’ve refused so much.

This wife and mommy is done. Forgive me, if from this point on, I leave a conversation with you because my princess needs to dance, or my knight needs a cheerleader, or my prince needs a princess. They will have my full attention. I would expect any of you to reprimand me if you see me do otherwise.

Most importantly, my Father, who entrusted me with my titles and badges, longs for the best of me as well. I no longer will give Him the leftovers. He deserves the “me” He created. He deserves my all.

Thank You, Abba, Father, Lord, Jehovah Jireh, Savior, Alpha, Omega, Redeemer, Creator & God!

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