What is age?

I don’t really look forward to birthdays anymore. I do look forward to any excuse to spend time with friends and family. I’ve been missing some of my closest friends a lot lately.

So, I’ve been thinking as my birthday creeps closer and closer…
What do other people think about on their birthday?

I usually find myself thinking about memorable birthdays. Thinking, like many do at New Year, what have I accomplished in the year God has blessed me with. Are there things I need to better with the next year? What does God have in store?

I’m not old, although at times I feel it. I try to reflect yearly on my life…finding it more difficult every year to recall large gaps of time. That alone, gives me a great desire to create memorable events for my children. I have so few.

This year is going to be a little more difficult. Family is so far away, the friends I’ve celebrated with for so long won’t be here this year. Looking forward to getting to know new friends even better (although, I have no idea what my sweet husband has in store.)

Be blessed! Think of something AWESOME God has done for you this year!!!

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