The Wrong Message

I came to a horrid realization last week concerning the message we all sometimes (me especially) send to our children. We were getting ready for a special church meeting on Sunday night. Unaccustomed to having Sunday evening services, the kids weren’t cooperating with getting out the door on time. Finally, I get them in the car and get on the road. We are almost to church when my 2 year old asks her “much wiser” older brother, “Why can’t we stay home and play?” To which he responds, “Because we have to go to church.”

My heart just stopped. We’ve sent the such a wrong message by always being negative in rushing them to get ready. “Hurry, up! We have to go to church.” “No, you can’t play right now, we have to go to church!”

That is NOT how I want my children to view church! I want the mindset, we GET to go to church! I want them to love it. Love the fellowship. Most of all love the reason for going…to learn about JESUS and how much HE loves them!!

Think about it! Do you dread getting up early on Sunday mornings a little early? Do you whine over being a little rushed on Wednesdays to get out the door? Are you sending our future generations the wrong message?

I refuse to do this anymore! They only know how much I love God by how much I show them I love HIM. I need to show them more!!!

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