The Enemy

One of the most frustrating things about being a Christian is the enemy. Good grief, he’s ALWAYS there. Peering over your shoulder. Waiting for some little slip up to make you feel terrible about.

I’m at a point in my life and walk now, that I recognize this for what it is. I know when he’s starting to whisper lies into my ear. So, how come they still affect me so?

For the past few months, well, basically since I’ve given to God’s call on me, the enemy will put questions and doubts in my head. Since God called me to a church to lead, Satan waits for me in my car after the service to whisper questions to me. Things like, “No one got anything out of that worship service?” “That song, that one song, completely ripped the Spirit from the service. What were you thinking?” “You have no idea what you are doing!” etc, etc, etc.

I know they are lies. I know I’m doing God’s will for me. Believe me, I don’t do it for myself. Being front and center in charge for any remote amount of time, is NOT where my comfort lies. It is only through God’s provision that I can even stand there week to week.

Why do I continue to listen to the doubts and accusations from the enemy?

Because I’m an imperfect human. Because deep down I expect perfection from myself for God. Satan knows this. He knows exactly how to get to me.

So now…I fight back!!

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