Tearing Down Walls

I’ve heard it said that good fences make good neighbors. This may be true. However, what happens when a simple fence becomes a wall?

We build walls for protection. Each time we’re wronged, hurt, frightened, humiliated, we lay another brick. Throughout our lives this is how it goes. Each brick carefully placed to cover, or more likely hide, an injury. After all, if we can’t see it or feel it, it doesn’t exist, right? Wrong.

Sometimes walls can do more harm than good. They can prevent you from doing many things. Feeling lonely? Wondering why you can’t find a real friend? Better check your wall. They may not be able to get through.

Feeling the strength of your wall yet? What have you built it around? I can really only speak to mine. My wall limits my true trust of others; it creates doubt…so much doubt; it prevents me from getting close to people; it causes me to fear change; it distances me from my family…should I keep going? Think about yours for a bit.

Now, what to do when you don’t want the wall anymore. I’m so ready to be rid of mine! I must say though, it’s REALLY hard work. I’ve been working for nearly three years, and I’ve only achieved a few holes…or gates you may say. Tearing down walls is painful! It’s scary! It’s easy to want to patch what work you’ve done. I have to admit, I’ve placed a few patches over holes, they are even more difficult to break through.

What’s the key to surviving the wall coming down? Prayer. God’s Word. Someone you can trust when you have to throw those bricks around. Faith. Community. Perserverance…once you start, don’t turn back!

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Phil 4:13

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