What do you do?

Ok, so it’s turning out to be one of those days. I have about 500 things to do. Now a small chink has been thrown into the mix. This has only made my stress levels rise…and realize a major issue.

We’ve been here 9 months. Between wife, mommy, Aron’s school, my school, work, housework, and the other hats any mommy wears, I’ve not had time to develop any deep friendships. Sure, I’ve made friends, but to have one of those…call-any-time-of-day, tell me whatever is on your mind, laugh about anything, make any horrid situation laughable, cry on your shoulder over spilled milk, really real friends takes LOTS of time and LOTS of work. Why can’t I seem to find time to develop that friendship?

I will be bathing this in prayer for the next little while. If you happen to read this, please pray with me.


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