Fresh Grounded Faith

I had such a wonderful (albeit exhausting) weekend at Fresh Grounded Faith. The words that Jennifer Rothschild and Lisa Whelchel brought were straight from God directly to me. I literally had to hold back tears (that I should have let fall) while Lisa was speaking Friday night. She must have mic-ed my apartment Friday morning, while I threw a little pity party for myself and inability to make friends. I’m absolutely horrible at it…I never really lived anywhere long enough to develop a truly deep relationship. We moved at least every 3 years through my entire school experience (including college…although that was my choice).

So, what do I need to overcome? What do I need to work on? LOTS!! I deal with huge fear issues, trust issues, confidence issues. Satan tells me I’m simply annoying people. They have better things to do than talk to me. Why, oh why, am I so quick to believe.

Lisa has written a book called “Friendship for Grown-ups” and I will buy it as soon as I can. Her story intrigues me b/c I felt so many similarities. Until then, I will be spending much time in prayer! Join me! I WILL tear down my walls! I WILL listen to God and not to satan’s lies!

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