Raising My Diva

Since the day of her birth, my precious little princess has been quite a little diva. Refusing for months to sleep anywhere but cuddled in mommy’s arms. (And when I say refusing, I mean we tried everything anyone told us to get her to sleep in her bed.)

This morning she made us laugh out loud while we were eating breakfast and sipping coffee.

First, let me explain our house rule. When we realized that she had diva tendencies, we made a rule that if you must cry or whine, then you must do so in your room. For some reason, while I was making breakfast this morning, she decided she was sad. So, she went to her room. When everything was ready and on the table, daddy went to her room to get her for breakfast. She came in clinging to her father like a baby monkey. I took her from his arms, gave her a few extra hugs, and sat her in her chair. She looked at her nice warm chocolate chip muffins and her newly made cup of strawberry (“pink”) milk then back to me and began to cry. Why? I have no idea, but she asked if she could go back to her room. So we obliged. After about 2 minutes she announced that she was “happy now” and came to eat her breakfast.

Now comes the laughter…

After she finished her breakfast, she wanted to go play with her big brother. (She absolutely idolizes him…wants to do everything that he does.) Brother is getting to that age where he doesn’t always want to play with his “little” sister, so he, as politely as possible for a 6 year old, informed her that he didn’t want her to play in his room this morning. She ran back into the living room, looked at her father and I and announced: “Aron told me to leave! Now I’m crying again….” followed by several mumbles I couldn’t make out as she ran back to her room.

How I LOVE and ADORE my children!


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