An exciting new endeavor

In an effort to do something I enjoy and generate income for my family, I’m embarking on a new adventure…
What is this adventure? Scentsy!
Never heard of Scentsy?!? Neither had I a little over two months ago. But then a friend introduced me. I absolutely love it!
It’s basically a flameless candle…except so much more than that.

I LOVE candles! I love the way it feels to walk into a room and immediately be made to feel at home by comforting scents. I’m amazed by the effect that aromas have on emotions.

This is one of the things that makes Scentsy fun. Generally, the idea is to host home parties, gather friends together, and sample the scents and reminisce over the fragrances. (Any excuse to get together with girlfriends is a good one, right?) But, it’s not limited to that. I carried a small basket of samples with me for about a week, for my introductory party. I just shared it with whoever was interested…and believe me, people are interested.

I realized how passionate I could become…although, I should have known…there is (was) always a candle burning somewhere in my house.

Scentsy uses only a low watt bulb to melt its fragranced waxes. No flame. (Score one! I always would forget to blow out my candles) The low watt bulb gets only hot enough to melt the wax, therefore the wax is not hot enough to burn. (Score two! I tested it. Stuck my fingers right into the wax…comfortably warm)

My Scentsy Website!

So, pray for me as I embark on this journey. I’m no sales-person. I’m actually quite shy, but I LOVE this product. Pray the Lord will bless this business as means of provision for my family. Pray He will send clients my way. Pray that I will never take for granted Who blesses every task I undertake for it’s all His!


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