Why create?

I’ve often wondered why I love to create things.

I’m actually not very creative on my own.  I tend to “borrow” ideas from others and tweak them a bit to my liking.  But I really do enjoy trying to be creative.  I find it relaxing and fulfilling.

But again, why create??  I believe we all have it born within us.  After all, we are created by God in His image.  Who is God?  The ultimate and supreme Creator of everything.  So, why wouldn’t want to try to copy our Father!  Every 3 year old child I’ve ever met, wanted to copy everything their father does!  It’s who we are!  It’s who we were created to be!

So, give in.  Try it.  Go create!!


2 thoughts on “Why create?

  1. I like the way you say you are not creative and then turn around and prove yourself wrong. LOL You are very creative, De.

    • Thanks Diane!
      I just don’t feel very creative because I “borrow” a lot! Keven says that’s part of being creative, though.

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