Playgrounds and Divas

I think I may be in way over my head with my beautiful 3 year old! Last night, after dinner, she remember that there was a Barbie guitar purse and Ken doll that we left at the Swap Shop (a wonderful place on campus where students can drop off un-needed items and other students can be blessed with them). What did she do? Did she ask to go get it? Yeah. I told her she had to wait until the morning for it to open. That wasn’t good enough for her. She looked at me and said, “I’ll go get it. Be right back.” With this, she grabbed her little chair, climbed to unlock the door. Walked out of the apartment toward the stairs. At this point, my dear hubby grabbed the key to the Swap Shop and followed…at a distance. I was still convinced that the darkness would cause her to turn around. I was wrong. Before he reached the 2nd floor, she was headed to the street.
You have to remember at this point, we live in a gated/patrolled campus. And, we are no more than 200 yds from her desired destination. She walks this path with me at least once every other day or so. So, I wasn’t too concerned about her getting far.
When she realized he was following her, she turned and asked if he had the key. I was trying with all my might not to laugh. I’d been observing from the 3rd floor balcony of our building. They arrived at her destination, and was discouraged to see that the bag of toys had been moved since we’d left earlier that afternoon.
As I tucked her in, we had a nice chat about why it was wrong for her to just leave without a grown-up. She apologized to her dad and me, and now will likely just keep asking until we agree to go places with her. 😉 Such a little diva!


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