By any other name…

As I was loading the dishwasher this morning, I heard a peculiar sound echoing down the hallway…

Let’s start at the beginning…the princess awoke in a most grumpy mood this morning. She wasn’t happy until everyone was awake, and then proceeded to get quite upset because brother was watching her movie. (Oh my)
After a little quiet time in her room, she regained her “royal” composure and returned to the audience of her “servants.” She finished her morning movie and breakfast and began playtime.
It was at this point I began cleaning the kitchen. She danced in and out with her normal time of demanding attention. Eventually she decided to play in her room.
…back to loading the dishwasher. I recall hearing a couple “mom” and “mommy” calls floating from her room. Resigning my self to washing up and seeing what “her majesty” needed, the calls changed. I was just rehanging the dishtowel when I heard “DeAnna” ringing out loud. 🙂
A bit amused, I rounded the corner to see Keven slightly wide-eyed with a look of disbelief.
As I walked into her room…with the sternest look I could manage…she turned to call again. Her eyes widened when she saw me and she sheepishly asked. “Is you’re name DeAnna? I was looking everywhere (in her room) for you, but couldn’t find you.”
As I knelt to her level, she came and gave me a big hug. I told her yes that was my name, and I’m so glad she knew it, but when she wants me to come, it’s more polite to say “mommy”
I was treated to another big hug and an “Ok, mommy! I lub you!”

I love my life!


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