Messages through Music

Maybe it’s because I’m a musical person, but sometimes God speaks to me more through music than through my Bible reading. (Mind you I said sometimes….not wanting any argument on the importance of reading the Word.) One of my most treasure times during the day is when the kiddos retreat to their rooms or outside and I have a few quiet moments to sit, turn on my MP3 player and just listen. I love to pray and meditate with music playing. I have a rather ADD brain and seem to focus better. Lots of times, when I’m listening I ask God to speak new messages to me through His inspired songs. (I do the same when reading the Word as well) I am never disappointed. He seems to always give me what my soul needs. A few weeks ago I was having a pity party day. The house was a mess, as I was trying to clean Princess Aurora kept bringing more “princess supplies” to whatever room I was cleaning. I was GRUMPY and just had a down right ugly spirit. I sat for a moment, said a prayer, turned on my MP3 and this is what God gave me…

Needless to say, I changed my attitude that day!

This is a favorite meditation song before I enter my quiet time. The words are simple and exactly what my heart desires for that time.

(Not the greatest recording, but beautiful nonetheless)

When I find myself focusing on “the me monster” this is a favorite to refocus.

And a final favorite (cause I know anyone who reads this may have more to do that sit and listen to music)…a song for when things get hard, confusing, and cause the question “why”


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