Our First Family Vacation

Whew! Has it ever been a week! As tired as we all are, I’d do it again tomorrow if I could. It was a much needed, fabulous time of family bonding and fun!
That being said, I’m going to give a quick rundown of our time…can’t start the scrapbook immediately, so my flighty brain needs to write it down before it leaves town. 🙂
We arrived in Orlando Monday evening, just in time to check-in, stretch our legs, and head over to Hollywood Studios to catch the late showing of Fantasmic. Probably not the best idea after a 10 hour drive, but it was enjoyable. The only drawbacks were Aron (who has a built in dislike of loud noises) cried when they fired a canon and surprised everyone…to be honest, it made me jump a few inches. Sarah mostly enjoyed it, but there were a few frightening images. If your children are familiar with the Disney classics, they are images they’ve seen before, just more up close. (Maleficent as a dragon ring a bell?) But Mickey prevails and everyone is happy again! 🙂
Day 2 began…well…with two tired and grumpy children. Breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table was great!! I just wish the “princess” would have expressed her excitement a little better. (We’ll try this meal again next trip for sure) The Cast Members are so fabulous and patient with the kids. It was truly magical. (Can you tell my inner little girl totally presented herself?)
After leaving our magical breakfast, we took our full bellies to ride Dumbo. FANTASTIC! It became very clear, seeing as this was their first ever ride of any kind, that they were going to LOVE everything…and mostly they did.
On to the movie rides (Snow White, Winnie the Pooh, and Peter Pan) They were great. I was afraid Sarah might get scared a bit during Snow White, but it wasn’t too bad at all. I noticed that all the attractions had a tiny element of fear. It varied which ones upset either of my kiddos…but there were many other (not quite as reserved children) that enjoyed everything. Sarah actually rode The Haunted Mansion and didn’t get upset. Guess she got used to them trying to scare her. 🙂
Our big adventure with Aron was to see if he would be a roller coaster rider. We almost ruined that by taking him on Splash Mountain first. He did NOT enjoy it. With a little patience and thanks to the Barn Stormer, he changed his mind and even rode front seat of Space Mountain. (Probably scared him a little, but he was so proud he actually rode it!)
Day 3 was the Animal Kingdom day for us. Nice and relaxing…mostly. It got pretty warm out, luckily there was a good bit of shade. First stop, “It’s tough to be a bug.” Warning: This was the most scary attraction we saw. Both of the kids hated it…I forgot it got a little intense…lesson learned. From there, we headed to Africa for the Safari. Fabulous! My kids love the zoo, so seeing the animals wandering around a bit was cool. My favorite, the giraffe, got nice and close! Then the petting zoo, or affection section, was pretty cool. It took them a few minutes to actually pet the sheep and goats, but they did and loved it.
Dinoland: We pushed our luck and took Aron on Dinosaur. Despite it being loud (he kept his fingers in his ears the whole time) I think it was his FAVORITE ride! He rode it again with Grandpa and Nonna.
Taking advantage of Aron’s bravery, the boys headed toward Expedition Everest…Keven was the only one who rode. Lol!
Now it was time to go get ready for dinner with Chef Mickey!
Have I mentioned that the Disney Dining Plan is SOOOOO worth the cost? We had so much food! And it was GOOD food!! No worrying about how much food budget is left or where is the cheapest place to eat! (I saw some of the actual prices on our meal tickets…let’s just say it paid for itself!) Looking it up, it’s about $42 a day for adults and $12 a day for kids 3-9.
Anyway, back to fun stuff! Try, try, try to eat at Chef Mickey if you plan a Disney trip! It was my kids’ favorite dinner! I mean, Mickey and Minnie come to your table!!! How cool is that for a kid?!? (And a mom!)
Day 4: Hollywood Studios and Epcot
Let’s just say, if you have little kids, get to Hollywood Studios early. We had to scratch some of our plans because lines were soooo long. We barely made it into a showing of Playhouse Disney, missed the Little Mermaid (no fast passes that day), and basically just looked for something that fit into our time table (we had a reserved lunch). So, after helping out Mickey, the girls headed to see Beauty and the Beast and the boys caught the Indiana Jones stunt show before meeting up at the 50’s Prime Time Cafe for lunch. We had zero luck catching characters that day. We’d get there and they would all be heading for a break! 😦 Oh well!
Lunch was a blast! All the waitresses went by “mom” and you were the kids. Heaven forbid, don’t put your elbows on the table or be a brat in any way. Mom would get you good! Check out this video from our meal.
From there, we headed to Epcot and I found my new favorite ride. Soarin’!! I can’t even describe how cool it was!
Sarah says her favorite ride was the Nemo, aquarium ride, and Aron, well, it’s a toss up between Dinosaur and Fast Track.
We had so much fun! I can’t wait to do it again in a couple of years. Hopefully before Aron turns ten. We’ll see.

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