When God steps in

The past few weeks have been crazy busy in our home.  Everyone rushing around trying to finish end of the semester work, study, performances, parties, etc.  At some point on Tuesday, God stepped in.  He spoke so that this mommy would have to slow down.  I must admit, I have been fighting Him tooth and nail since then, but just this evening I’m coming to realize my errors.

Wednesday I awoke with minor twing in my back.  No big deal, I’m used to that.  Gradually through the day, it got a little worse.  Thursday morning began with cries of pain when trying to stand.  Uncool.  I had a major to do list for the end of the week.  I’m not saying that God didn’t want me to do these things.  I’m positively sure He did, I’m just realizing a lesson He had for me.

I can’t do it all on my own. I tend to be a bit of a control freak.  I’ve been FLYlady-ing around my house to get it in order.  Basically had become a “shiny sink” Nazi.  (I don’t think this was FLYlady’s goal.)  I tend to shut people out, rather than let them help me.

I’m seeing God allowing me to injure my back because I need to learn to accept help from others, especially my honey.  I also need to learn that part of letting others help me, is not criticizing them for doing it their way and not my way.  I’m so sorry to all to whom I have behaved this way.

Thank you Father for showing me this today!  I pray that I NEVER forget it!

I still am moving slowly, but now that I see the purpose, maybe I won’t be as unpleasant.

Blessing and Merry Christmas!



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