Merry Christmas!!

I can’t believe it’s Christmas time again!  I absolutely LOVE this time of year…but it kind of snuck up on my this year.  I sit here this morning just meditating on Christmas.  Amazingly I’m watching the Today show listening to Kathy Lee talk about a tradition that we have.  How funny!  We don’t want Christmas to be about getting things.  The Jesus PresentWe decided several years back to start a few traditions.  One being that Jesus gets the first gift.  After we put up and decorate our tree, we get out the Jesus present and fill it with thank Yous, I love Yous, hugs and kisses…whatever we want to give back to Jesus on Christmas morning.  It’s a simple little gift box, and it is the first gift opened on Christmas morning.  We don’t read each other’s notes, but we give them to Jesus.

We also decided to have the 3 gift tradition.  I strongly believe that Christmas is not about HOW much stuff we get.  It is about the LOVE with which each gift is given.  We are trying to teach our kids this by 1) not spending TONS of money on gifts, and 2) everyone gets only 3 gifts for Christmas.  Afterall, the wisemen brought Jesus 3 gifts. 😉

Every Christmas Eve we sit as a family and read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. (Yes, we do Santa Claus.)  Santa Claus isn’t the important figure in our home though.  He only brings one gift, and it isn’t the coolest one.  As the kids get older, we will introduce the legend of St. Nicholas, so we will always celebrate the spirit of St. Nick.  It’s so much fun and so magical, even for me today.  🙂

Christmas morning, before any gifts are opened, we read this Christmas Story from Luke 2.  Afterall, that is what Christmas is all about.

I pray this year you will strive to start a few Christmas traditions in your home.  And, I would love for you to share a few more with me!

Merry Christmas!!  I pray you peace and blessings!!


Christmas Card


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