Strange fascinations

I haven’t blogged for the sake of blogging in a little while.  But I have a topic…and I would really love some feedback.

Do you have any strange fascinations?  Something that, perhaps, you may find one or two others who share the fascination, but many think you are just out of your mind.  I have one.  Cemeteries.

They completely freak me out, but the older they are, the more they fascinate me.

I think old cemeteries are incredibly beautiful.  But what I love most about them is the history.  What secrets are held there?  What were these people like?  I guess that’s the real source of my fascination, my love of history.  What could we learn from them?

What about you?  Do you share my strange fascination?  Do you have a similar strange love?

I would love to have a photo session in a beautiful old cemetery, subject dressed in a long, flowing white dress, “floating” about the headstones with the greatest of respect and reverence.  Just to highlight the beauty.

But that’s just me…


2 thoughts on “Strange fascinations

  1. I like photography cloud/sky combination, i actually have a sky fascination actually. lol
    I think cemetaries can be very good for photography.
    And you’re shots are pretty good

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