Project 365 – Day 10


Go ahead and laugh a moment because, yes, I did photograph the kitchen sink.  (Got all the jokes out of your system yet?)  Good.  Today has been a rough, Eeyore, type of day for me.  We haven’t been long gotten back from a several day trip.  There are mound of laundry glaring at me.  My precious 3 year old princess is suffering from cabin fever because mom is so busy cleaning up that we could only spend about 20 minutes on the playground.  It seems that with every step forward I take in the cleaning process, someone pushes me 2 steps back.

Anyway, back to the point, the picture.  I’ve been a FLYbaby for a few weeks.  (To understand, checkout out  Fluttering along at the best pace I can.  The first babystep for one wanting to FLY is to shine your sink.  This is my shining sink.  A little tiny place of retreat from the mountainous mess that awaits me in every other room.  A glimmer of hope amid the gloom of chores.

So for today, Day 10, I dedicate my photo to FLYlady!  Thank you for providing me a sigh of relief in the midst of craziness.


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